About Us

AIR VALDOSSOLA ASD  was founded in 2007 when Aero Club Valdossola left Aero Club d'Italia, inheriting members, fleet and facilities.

The headquarters are located in Domodossola (VB), while all flying activities including Airplane, Glider, ULM and RC take place at the Chavez/Marini Airfield in Masera (VB).
Many of the Club's pilots have obtained their Glider licenses at nearby world-class schools such as Aero Club ACAO of Calcinate del Pesce and AVM of Alzate Brianza; Airplane pilots come from diverse schools like Vergiate, Venegono and Milano.
A partnership with the Aero Club Sondrio allowed the start of ULM training on our  field, that resulted in more than fifteen new pilots obtaining their flying permits within the following two years.

The fleet currently includes 1 Robin DR400-180R Towplane, 1 ASK 21 twin-seat sailplane and a Tecnam P 92 ULM that is also used for ULM training.
Several more general aviation aircraft and ultralights are privately owned and based at Masera.

Several Club pilots have jet, turboprop and helicopter ratings, actively employed by Italian and foreign airlines.

The Aero Club has two hangars, an Office with two-way radio, and a comfortable and cosy Clubhouse where members and guests gather for social activities,  and that is also used as classroom.

Over 25 years of activity, considering the Aeroclub Valdossola heritage, several Airshows were held at Masera, including the amazing 1994 airshow with the Italian Air Force Demo Team, the Frecce Tricolori, and the International Airshow in September 2010 to mark the 100 years since the first flight over the Alps by Peruvian pioneer Geo Chavez.

A major boost that lead to a surge of flying activities happened in 1994, when Glider Flying was introduced in Masera; our location, in the heart of the Alps, makes our Airfield an ideal starting point for record-breaking distance and endurance soaring; over the years, several Clubs and organizations, both Italian and International, have organized and keep organizing advanced soaring seminar to improve pilots' skills, like the ones regularly held by Calcinate del Pesce and Alzate Brianza's pilots, and Germany's Akaflieg groups; many private pilots have chosen Masera as the starting point for their record flights.

Governing Board