Deborah, one of us

Deborah Giboni, Pilot, a serious young lady with a strong will. Italian newspaper La Stampa published a nice article on June 29th, 2018, on her.

Deborah, 21 years old, originally from Premia, further north in the valley, started dreaming about becoming a pilot from a very young age. She first earned her wings as an ULM pilot a few years ago, soon after turning 16, at our Flight School in Masera. She then kept pursuing her dream.

She barely missed the admission to the Air Force Academy, but instead of being put down by the news, kept pushing.

She currently attends a Civil Flight Academy in Padua, working towards her Airline Transport Pilot License. This will definitely give her access to the world of commercial flying.

Below is the link to the Italian-only La Stampa article.

Keep it up, Deborah!