First flight ever for Grandma Bice

A very special First flight! Grandma Bice, 98 years old, has finally fulfilled the dream of her lifetime, flying. She departed Milan Bresso airport on Jun 29th, 2018, on a Cessna 172 piloted by a family member, captain Daniele Baroncelli, a Boeing current Captain and husband of one of the lady's niece. After a brief flight, they landed in Masera, welcomed by the whole family and by the Club's President, Piero Bracali.

It was a merry moment, that has been widely publicized a few days later, when the Italian State TV Rai aired an interview with the lady during an afternoon show, "La vita in diretta".

Originally from a village a few kilometers north of Masera, she had expressed the wish to fly and visit the family in the valley. When greeted by the group at the airfield in Masera, she said that she will definitely be back next year, and that for her 100th birthday she wants a big celebration held here.

Several websites and newspapers wrote about the event. Here below you will find links to some of those italian-only sites.

La Repubblica

Vita in Diretta  (link to the RAIplay website, italian-only, free registration required)