The Airfield

Masera Chavez/Marini Airfield is near the town of Domodossola, in North-Eastern Piedmont.

The geographical coordinates are N46° 08.2' E008°18.6'
The elevation is: 281m amsl (922ft amsl)

There are two runways:
18/36, 600x8m asphalt (the grass strip is 20 m wide)
01/19, 780x25m grass

The traffic patterns are:
powered aircraft and ULM: East of the field, right-hand for runways 01 and 36, left-hand for runways 18 and 19.
gliders: West of the field, left-hand for runways 01 and 36, right-hand for runways 18 and 19.

Air-to-ground and Air-to-air communications can use the assigned frequency: VHF 130.00.

An automatic wind direction and speed broadcast is also available: rapidly click four times the transmit key of your radio to trigger the automatic broadcast (Italian language only). 

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Airfield Maps

Click on the maps below, to see the Jeppesen VFR Manual maps of Masera.

ATTENTION: DO NOT USE FOR NAVIGATION! Use only official documents.

VFR Navigation Charts

Click on the maps below to see maps of Milano Area, taken from the Italian AIP.

ATTENTION: DO NOT USE FOR NAVIGATION! Use only official documents.


To better assess the weather conditions of our area, you can access a webcam located in the vicinity of Monte Calvario at Domodossola, Southwest of the field, and pointed toward the North thus framing the airfield area, and the colocated private weather detection unit. There is also an amateur weather station run by a local amateur radio operator, which, when active, provides data of temperature, pressure and wind in the area of the town of Masera (if active, you'll see a blue circle with WX in it, placed at the center of the map, near the road. Click on the circle to open the page with the weather data).

Additionally, the homepage of MeteoLiveVCO will let you access (from the top menu) the other webcams in Piedmont and surrounding regions, including Switzerland. This will increase the awareness of weather conditions in the area.