The Club

  • The Airfield

    da Nord

    Masera Chavez/Marini Airfield is near the town of Domodossola, in North-Eastern Piedmont.

    The geographical coordinates are N46° 08.2' E008°18.6'
    The elevation is: 281m amsl (922ft amsl)

    There are two runways:
    18/36, 600x8m asphalt (the grass strip is 20 m wide)
    01/19, 780x25m grass


  • The Fleet

    The fleet includes a Robin DR400/R towplane, an ASK-21 twin-seat glider, and two Ultralights: a Tecnam P2002 Sierra DeLuxe and a Tecnam P92/E
    Flying activities include local and cross-country flights, additionally the P92 is also used for Flight Training.


  • Clubhouse

    Our beautiful Clubhouse cabin provides for a friendly and relaxing space where members and guests can hang out and chat. 


  • Food and Lodging

    There are several B&B and hotels within a few minutes driving time from the Airfield, both in Masera and in Domodossola. 
    Should you wish to camp on the field, there is generally ample space for tents, RVs and caravans. Toilets are available, and there is also a shower.